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Samsung Galaxy S II Receive ICS Update in UK. ROM for Syrocket Leaked Already

Wednesday, April 18th 2012. | Android News

Samsung is already release the Android 4.0 update for Galaxy S II. In UK, some popular carrier like Vodafone and Orange are already push the update for their customers. Now, the owner of the SIM-free variant of the device is also able to experience similar update.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket

The company said that their UK representative is was working as hard as possible to get the Android 4.0 roll out for all Galaxy S II in UK. Samsung now stated that the update is ready for both SIM-Free and network locked variant of the handset, with the exception for Orange and T-Mobile. It is said that both of the carriers are still running a software testing on the new update.

SIM-Free means that the device is able to work with any compatible carrier. This is mean that the owner of the handset can choose any network that they like. Aside from granted with full ownership of the smartphone, user doesn’t have to sign on long-term contract agreement.

Samsung is recently posted their ICS update plan on the official Facebook page. According to this announcement, the update will start to penetrate US market soon. However, if you’re happen to own the Galaxy S2 Skyrocket, the modified version of Galaxy S II that worked under AT&T network, the official Android 4.0 ROM for your handset is recently leaked on the web. There are also some snapshot that shows a Galaxy S2 Skyrocket that running on the new OS.

It reveals plenty of new features, including improved home screen, widgets, and applications. If you’re happen to own the device and know how to root it, then we suggest you to grab and apply the leaked ROM immediately.

If everything goes according to plan, the Android 4.0 update for Galaxy S II will start to roll-out on the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Korea, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, and UK.

Well, that’s all we can tell you right now folks. If you think that we miss something from our explanation, feel free to use the comment box below and tell us. We are also welcome any kind of suggestion and critics here.

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