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Instagram Malware Detected!

Friday, April 20th 2012. | Android News

It seems like Google Play has already become dangerous place now. Few days ago, we’ve already told you that there’s a new android malware that disguised itself as Angry Birds game and some Japanese-themed app. Now, there’s another threat that appeared like the latest version of Facebook’s $1 Billion app, Instagram.

Fake Instagram for android

Sophos, an IT security company, is recently make an announcement on it’s official blog that some third-party developers have been come out with a fake version of the app to make some money from unaware android users. Thanks to our friends at The Next Web who let us know about this news.

Instagram has been downloaded for more than 5 million times at Google Play since it’s debut two weeks ago. No wonder why some hackers see this as an opportunity to make quick cash. They build a malware that looks like a legit version of Instagram. The moment after user installed this fake app into their handset, the app will release a virus that will infect the phone’s system.

We can’t blame users that already infected with this fake Instagram though. The level of deceptiveness is quite impressive. See the image we posted above and you’ll agree with us. That picture was taken from one of their malicious web page that store the fake version of Instagram.

Sophos is already download the malicious app to see how’s the malware works. They admit that the hackers have already did a great job by emulating all the functions of a real Instagram application.

So, is there anything i can do to avoid this kind of threat? Of course there is guys. First, you shouldn’t grab any android apps that are not hosted at the Google Play store. Second, in order to add some security level to your android device, you can install third-party antivirus application.

Well, that’s all we can tell you right now guys. If you think that we miss something from our explanation, please let us know. Use the comment box below to send us some of your thoughts or opinion about this topic. We are also welcome any kind of suggestion and critics here.

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