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HTC One S Reviews

Wednesday, April 4th 2012. | Review

The new HTC One S is very fast and responsive Goldilocks choice of HTC’s new Ice Cream Sandwich-packing range — neither too big nor too small. This Smartphone is the second in command in HTC’s new One series rankings, one rung down on the size and power ladder from the HTC One X. That’s no bad thing because the giant scale and quad-core power of the One X won’t be for everyone. This handset is fully loaded with the newest version of Google’s Android operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich, and the latest HTC Sense software, plus a dual-core 1.5GHz chip and an 8-megapixel snapper. Free-SIM, the phone will set you back around £400, or it’s available free on a two-year contract for as little as £21 per month. It powered by a powerful dual-core 1.5GHz processor, the One S was ludicrously fast and responsive during testing, with menus zipping around and apps loading in a flash. Shifting around the pixels of the desktop version of a rich HTML5 website is also its advantage. The HTC One S runs both the latest Android OS — Ice Cream Sandwich — and HTC’s newest interface, Sense 4.0. The presence of ICS means you get the option to unlock the phone just by looking at it, thanks to Face Unlock. You can also download Google’s Chrome for Android browser, which is ICS-only.

The One S has a very responsive 4.3-inch LCD touch screen display. It’s not as curvaceous as the One X’s display, nor quite as brilliantly bright, so it definitely doesn’t look as fancy. But on the plus side, it is rock solid — with absolutely no flexing along any of its edges (unlike the One X). The viewing angle seems good, with colors remaining deep at a considerable tilt. The camera on the One S has the same specs as the flagship One X — with 8 megapixels, an f2.0 lens, back-side illuminated sensor and updated camera software. But the cameras aren’t identical — the One S has a definite tendency to over-saturate bright colors so shots can appear less natural than photos taken with the One X.  The One S comes with 16GB of internal storage, which can’t be expanded because there’s no microSD card slot. However, also included in the price is two years’ free access to 25GB of cloud storage from Dropbox. One S also has a 1,650mAh battery, but doesn’t specify how long it will typically last. In conclusion, HTC One S is a very tasty handset indeed — delivering lashings of Android goodness topped off with a sensible sprinkling of HTC’s own software.  Furthermore, it’s lighting fast, with menus and apps jumping to attention at the tap of a finger, thanks to a powerful dual-core chip that throws pixels around like a hyperactive clubber throws shapes.

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