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T-Mobile cuts subsidy for it’s Handset, Said by Company’s Marketing Chief

Saturday, March 10th 2012. | Android News

T-Mobile cuts subsidy, is it true? Well, that’s what their Chief Marketing Officer think of. Cole Brodman thought that phone subsidies are not a good things for the industry. But on the same time, he believed that the “T-Mobile cuts subsidy” idea is not possible. That’s because when there’s lot of offers, people would like to choose the cheapest one.

Well, it sounds like Brodman is little bit disappointed because due to subsidy pricing scheme, they can’t offer too much differentiate. In contrast, there’s lot of high-end smartphones offered with no-contract deals in UK and some markets in Europe. That’s why T-Mobile is interested to cuts subsidy for their handset. Phone subsidies might bad for the industry, but it’s good for the customers. Personally, we hope that T-Mobile won’t cuts subsidy and offer a high-end handset for free instead, or even at low $49 price.

T-Mobile Chief Marketing Brodman

Brodman noted that smartphone technology is growing real fast these days. A high-end handset might only able to survive in the market for about 12 to 18 months before it is quickly replaced by newer and better device. So, the point is that Brodman suggest T-Mobile and other carrier to sell less handset each year. Sounds like another crazy idea, aside from the “T-Mobile cuts subsidy” part.

Off course we can’t deny the fact that android smartphones are running on a fast pace right now. New handsets like HTC One X and One V is soon overshadowed by the rumors of another device, which is more powerful and promising. But it’s not like that Brodman can’t do anything about it. Instead of “T-Mobile cuts subsidy” why don’t the carrier demand for less handset. The main reason why manufacturers flooded the market with many devices is because the carrier keep asking for more and more handset. So they can have something for everyone.

So what do you think about this? Does T-Mobile cuts subsidy sounds like a great idea? Share your opinion with us. Just write them down on the comment box below and we can discuss it together.

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