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Sharp’s New RW-T110 Tablet Run on Classic Android Gingebread

Tuesday, March 20th 2012. | Tablet

A new Gingerbread tablet has been released. What!? Don’t they know the word “Honeycomb“? Plus, they release it in the time when Android 4.0 ICS has been available for nearly four months? Yes folks, although it might sounds like an unattractive tablet, we feel that it is important to tell you about this since this device is manufactured by one well-known Japanese company, Sharp. How come they manage to release a new tablet PC that run on old version of Android OS? Let’s find out more detailed information about it, right after the break.

Sharp RW-T110 Gingerbread Tablet

Sharp is recently announce the arrival of RW-T110 tablet PC. According to company’s press release note, this device is aimed for local business users. One more thing, it is also feature Android 2.3 Gingerbread since it’s first day. If you can’t figure it out how old is the OS, let us provide you with a hint. Google’s Android 2.3 Gingerbread was introduced for the first time on December 2010. So, it’s like that the OS is already one year old now! We still have no idea why they decided to use this less powerful OS, instead of the new ICS, which we are quite sure, it will be more able to bring benefits to professional users.

Anyway, when it comes to specs, this tablet is not really that bad folks. It sports 10 inch screen with 1280 x 800, the first Gingerbread tablet that packed with this kind of resolution we guess. Furthermore, it is also accompanied by a full gigabyte of RAM and 8GB internal data storage. NFC connectivity is also supported. According to Sharp, the new RW-T110 should be available for purchase in local market in March 27. Based on our experience and Sharp’s business strategy this far, this tablet won’t has any chance to leave the company’s country of origin.

So, what do you think about this news? Does a Gingerbread tablet manage to tease you to invest some of your money? We might say yes, if the price is right. But considering the fact that both Honeycomb and ICS source code has been available around the corner for nearly four months now, we would be happy to skip Sharp’s offer this time.

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