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Samsung Nexus S Confirmed to Receive Android 4.0.5 Update

Tuesday, March 20th 2012. | Android News

If you’re happen to own an handset that has word “Nexus” on it’s name, then it’s only mean one thing. Your device will be guaranteed to receive update of latest Android OS, no matter how old is your handset. That is what exactly happen to Samsung Nexus S. The giant search company is recently make an announcement that they will bring Ice Cream Sandwich to the handset soon.

Previously, Nexus S was already receive it’s ICS update, which is code named as v4.0.3. Sadly, it turns out that the OS update contain few bugs and not run as smoothly as expected by the Google’s engineering team. Latest report suggest that the company is currently work on the Android 4.0.5 update to fix all that problems and bugs that were found on the previous OTA update.

Samsung Nexus S

Lot of reports were coming in to Google, soon after the Android 4.0.3 update was released. It is said that there’s lot of users experience extreme quick battery drain due to heavy processor use. The update itself was released on mid December last year and soon called off after lot of complaints.

Google noted that this new Android 4.0.5 update will completely solve that battery problem and automatically update the old Android Market apps to Google Play store. This delay could be the main reason why Google took so long to provide ICS update for other device like Galaxy S II.

However, just like always, there’s no exact release date revealed yet. The company only noted that the new update should start to roll out “very soon”. But if you can’t wait to taste the new Ice Cream Sandwich in your handset, you should try to install some unofficial Android 4.0 custom ROM that scattered around the web. The installation process is quite simple, you can even read it here in our website. Some of those ROM might still in beta and contain lot of bugs, but others are build well enough and ready for daily use. If you want to have a sneak peek to ICS goodies in your Samsung Nexus S while waiting for the official update, this is your best shot.

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