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iOS 5.1 vs Android 4.0

Monday, March 12th 2012. | Android News

iOS 5.1 is recently released by Apple. If you’re happen to own one of the Cupertino company’s product, we suggest you to grab this OS immediately. According to Apple iOS 5.1 brings lot of new features and fixes, including the Japanese language support for Siri.

On the other hand, Apple’s main competitor, Google, has already released the new Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on October last year. Well, the OS is now remain exclusive for some devices like Galaxy Nexus and Asus Transformer Prime, while other android devices still wait patiently for the new OS update. In contrast, Apple’s iOS 5.1 is available for all of it’s compatible products, which once again, indicate a serious competition against Google’s Android.

Apple iOS 5.1

That’s why today we decided to make a side by side comparison between iOS 5.1 and Android 4.0. Full description coming up, right after the break.

BackUp Function: Android 4.0 and iOS 5.1 users are allowed to upload their personal data into the cloud storage. Apple is recently provide the iCloud service to accommodate such function, while Android users can take advantage from lot of apps like Google Music, Google Docs, Google+ or other third party app. It is clear that Android is currently rely on many apps to handle user’s data, while iOS offer iCloud as an universal apps to fulfill all user’s needs.

Face Detection: Google is the first player to introduce the Face Unlock function in the Android 4.0. Apple then decide to follow the same path with iOS 5.1. Users can now have their faces highlighted in order to unlock their devices.

Web browsing: iOS 5.1 default browser, Safari, is not improved a lot in the new OS. But, we must admit that it handle HTML5 format better than other web browser available around. On the other hand, latest report suggest that Android browser has already surpass both Opera Mini and Opera Mini mobile as the best portable web browser in the world, thanks to it’s new and improved features. User can now save full web page or switch to private browsing mode with ease.

Voice Assistant: iOS 5.1 is packed with the famous Siri digital voice assistant. This app is also has it’s own personality, making it more fun and exciting to use than Android’s Voice Actions. But the downside is that iOS 5.1 users need to press and hold a button to access Siri feature, while Android users will only have to speak directly to their device.

Overall Ease of Use: iOS 5.1 feature the Apple’s signature grid of icons interface, which is easily understandable to use. On the other hand, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is not recommended for anyone who doesn’t have any experience with android device before. The overall interface is little bit complicated for new users. Off course it will be a complete different story when manufacturers already implement their own UI customization.

Since each OS has it’s own pros and cons, we can’t decide a clear winner here. iOS 5.1 has a better environment and quite easy to use. But when it comes to customization, Android 4.0 is a perfect choice. What about you? Do you prefer iOS 5.1 or Android 4.0? Share your opinion on the comment box below.

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