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CyanogenMod 9 Won’t Require Root Access

Sunday, March 18th 2012. | Android News

CyanogenMod 9 might has reach a new level of improvement today. According to the team official blog, the new CyanogenMod 9 will put lot of concern to the security aspect of user’s handset. They also mention something about the root access, which was previously required to install the custom ROM from CyanogenMod team. The team are recently announced that there will be three new patch for CyanogenMod 9, which allow users to configure how’s they want to the root access manner. In the near future, there will be four exciting option for root access : disabled, enabled for ADB only, enabled for apps only, and enabled for both.

The team also explained that users will be notify with some sort of disclaimers about the risk of root access. Any app that require such feature will be flagged by SuperUser application and user can choose which apps that they want to be granted with root access.

CyanogenMod 9 Custom ROM

We’ve already root more than 10 different android handsets in the past few years. We’ve done it to install some custom ROM or android apps that require root access to work. Titanium Backup is always our first choice when it comes to recovery application. Other cases refer to android handset that don’t receive CyanogenMod ROM but we need to take an internal screenshot of it. So, the conclusion is that it will be nice to see if the CyanogenMod 9 will be allow users to choose what kind of root access that they want.

Meanwhile, we still have no idea when the new CyanogenMod 9 ROM will be released. The team is well-known for their philosophy of “it will be ready when it is ready”, so there’s nothing we can do instead of sit back and waiting.

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