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Android headlines : Google Play, HTC One X Release Date, Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6

Thursday, March 15th 2012. | Android News

Android Headlines. What’s that suppose to mean? Well, as you might already know, we provide you with so many android related news everyday. But only few of them that manage to build a hype around the OS enthusiast. Today, we decided to come out with three most discussed topics that manage to become the Android Headlines. These news talked about Google Play, HTC handsets, and Samsung’s latest tablet. Check out our full description, right after the break.

Google Play. Some of you might little bit surprised to find out that Android Market is suddenly change into Google Play. Similar things might happen to Verizon customers. The carrier was send special alert message to all of it’s users, noting that Android Market is now called as Google Play. They even provide direct link to learn more about this new service. The new Google Play is aim to combine all Google’s previous services, which were receive so many critics because they are considered as “too fragmented”. So, you can now download music, apps, ebook, or even rent a movie in one place, the new Google Play.


HTC One X. Recently announced at MWC 2012, HTC One X is soon become the most wanted Android handset in the market. It is not too surprising though, considering the fact that this device packed with quad-core processors, run on Android 4.0 ICS, and posse Dr Dre’s Beats Audio technology. With all that state of the art hardware specs, HTC One X is really deserved to become one of Android headlines in our website.

According to HTC, the new One X should be available for purchase on the second quarter of this year. Sadly, the company refused to come out with an exact release date.

However, some retailers already offer HTC One X on their website. Amazon UK and Handtec are claim that the device will be available on April 5, while MarcoPolo Shop suggest that shipping should start on April 2, if you’re happen to live in Italy. On the other hand, the US debut for HTC One X is yet to be known. Fortunately, AT&T already confirmed that HTC One X will be available at it’s inventory “soon”. W

Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6. Considered as the next generation of the famous Galaxy Tab series, the tablet is rumored to posses 11.6 inch display with 2560 x 1600 WXQGA resolution. Wow, that’s even bigger than The new iPad! No wonder why this news manage to become Android headlines in our site. Other rumors also suggest that it will be powered by Samsung’s Exynos 5250 CPU that clocked at 2Ghz and off course, it will be run on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Lot of experts believe that Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 will make it’s debut at CES 2012, but it turns out that they’re all wrong. Then we wait for the company’s MWC 2012 campaign and still, there’s no sign of new Galaxy Tab 11.6. Latest report suggest that Samsung will make a special announcement at SXSW Conference, but it turns out that they intend to announce Angry Bird Space on the Galaxy Note.

That’s all folks, three news that manage to become Android headlines in our website for the past week. But stay tune on page because we are surely return with other news that soon become another Android headlines!

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