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Why Did Google Make Android Safer With The Bouncer?

Thursday, February 23rd 2012. | Review

Google’s Android smartphone has carved a niche for itself in the market. Facing stern competition from Apple’s products and other up and comers, the Android has managed to cement its reputation. Over the past couple of years, the sales have grown exceptionally and the Android has become the second most popular smartphone after the iPhone. There has been an issue with the Androids since day one. The operating system installed in the Android phones is open source. What this means is that any user can upload his/her apps to the server. The app will become available for download to all the Android owners. This has caused various issues with security for a while now.
The Chink in Android’s Armor

The open source operating system Google uses for the Android series was designed to allow users to share their apps. Any web developer can create an app and then upload it to the app store. It will be downloadable by all Android users. While this was a great initiative for the users, many abroadband expert was raving on about the potential security threat it posed.

With the increasing popularity of the Android operating system, the threat of smartphone security became a reality. Several apps with malware and dangerous content were uploaded to the app store. The users who downloaded them suffered damage to their phones. A number of other problems also surfaced. The complaints have been piling up.
The Bouncer

Google has responded to the security threat with the Bouncer. The Bouncer is a service that will ensure that your Android remains safe from all such threats. Google has announced that the Bouncer has been in operation since the beginning of last year. This comes as news to a majority of the users because there wasn’t any formal announcement regarding it. Furthermore, Google has said that nearly half of the malicious apps have been tracked using the Bouncer and when it goes into wide use, the number will go down even more.

This is great news for the Android users. The open source feature of the operating system is a major reason for its popularity. If there were any issues with it, it would have been harsh on the fans. However, a number of critics, including many a broadband expert, have questioned Google’s move to make the Android safer. Several reasons can be put forward to justify Google’s stance.

Why Did Google Make Android Safer With The Bouncer?

Retaining the Fan Base

The Android is one of the most popular gadgets in the market. If there were any major issues with the operating system, Google would have had a major problem on its hands. Dealing with the security issues internally is the best possible solution and they have opted for it. Through the Bouncer, the Google has managed to address the problems faced by the users. Retaining the fan base was important. A wrong move on Google’s part could lead to Android surrendering its market share to Apple.
Protecting the Android Operating System

The Android operating system is considered to be one of the finest available today. Because of its open source design, it has been vulnerable to security issues from day one. If action had not been taken to combat the increasing number of malicious apps, the operating system would have been in danger. Google has to protect the Android OS because the brand depends on it. Without an effective operating system, the future models of Android will not be reliable.
Keeping it Open-Sourced

The open sourced system is one of the reasons why the Android is so popular. Changing the system to fight the threat would have been an option but Google chose the better one. If they had opted to change the operating system or alter it significantly, it would have alienated a majority of the users. The ability to create and share apps is a major incentive for people to use an Android phone as compared to the iPhone.

These are the major reasons why Google has made the Android safer with the Bouncer.

Google has made a bold move by introducing the Bouncer. However, it is completely justified in its stance. Apple has been keeping a strict vigilance on its operating system to keep it protected. Google should not be criticized by any broadband expert for attempting to do the same. It is for the benefit of the users who are under threat from the bad guys looking to damage Android’s operating system.


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