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Best Android Apps for Ice Cream Sandwich

Thursday, February 9th 2012. | Apps

Android 4.0, or also know as Ice Cream Sandwich, is the latest build of Google’s mobile platform. It brings lot of improvement and new features than it’s predecessors. Android 4.0 is also the first OS that optimized for both smartphone and tablet device. You should be able to experience slick and smooth performance in far much better way than Android 2.3 Gingerbread or Android 2.2 Froyo. Sadly, this OS only available exclusively for some device like Galaxy Nexus, Asus Transformer Prime and Motorola Xoom. The rest of android smartphone must wait for an official update from the manufacturer to taste the Ice Cream Sandwich on their handset.

Android Market

Just like any other android platform, ICS is also compatible with lot of Android apps that currently available in the Android Market. Today, we decided to come out with list of 10 best app for Ice Cream Sandwich OS. Let’s check our complete list

Airdroid: currently available for free, this apps will allow you to transfer your file from PC/Mac to your mobile devices without any wire connection required. The apps will automatically create a specially dedicated folder for data transfer purpose in your handset and synchronize it with your PC/Mac. The latest version of Airdroid is fully compatible with Android 4.0

ICS Browser Plus: Basically, it is quite similar to Android 4.0 default browser, with the addition of some useful features like User Agent. It also support for Quick controls and customisable gestures. You can even take advantage from the Volume buttons to scroll around the web page

Juice Defender: For those who usually complaint about how fast their battery power gone, this apps is a must. It will manage the power usage of your smartphone and optimize it for maximum usage. You can also set it manually. For example, you can choose to disable 3G/4G connection in such different situation. There’s also some useful features like WiFi toggle and re-schedule synchronization event. The ultimate versions of this app is currently priced at $4.99.

MX video player: This is a slightly better video player than Android 4.0’s default. It is able to swallow nearly any video format that you throw at. You can watch your movie collection in full screen experience. There will be no additional button or control system that can distract your attention. MX Video player is available for free and currently optimized for Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Netflix: This service allow you to stream your favorite movies directly from your android handset. The developer has been released new apps with code name 1.6.0, which is optimized for Android 4.0 and completely fix all bugs and problems that were previously found on the earlier version. You can grab this one for free though.

PowerAmp: If you want to match the sound quality of your Android handset to an iPhone, then you should try this music player. It has up to 10 band graphical equalizer for different kind of music genre. PowerAmp is also capable to recognize various audio format, support for scrobbling and tag editing. Not forget to mention it’s beautiful interface that work together with a completely customisable theme.

Riptide GP: This racing game was developed by Nvidia team. Basically, all you have to do is race to the finish line using a jet ski while avoid some obstacles that spread around the water courses. Riptide GP has great graphical features and recently used to test some android handset’s GPU performance.

Secret Box: Send your messages, capture the footages, and make a call from a secret inboxes that packed with secure password. That is the main feature of this apps. Released by a company called NetQin, the Secret Box is available for free in the Android Market

Tiny Flashlight + LED: This app will immediately turn your android handset into a small flashlight unit. It also packed with some exciting features like customizable color and pulses. If you want, you can convert your text messages into a LED blink morse code. Should be a great apps for party lighting.

TweetCaster: It might an unofficial apps from Twitter, but TweetCaster is packed with more powerful features like advanced search, retweets with or without comment, easy listing, and more. The Ice Cream Sandwich-optimized version has been released on December last year and it is available for free.

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