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Android Ice Cream Sandwich vs iOS 5

Tuesday, February 7th 2012. | Review

Both Android and iOS are popular among mobile tech enthusiast. Each of it’s developer has recently released the last version of the OS. Google come out with Android 4.0 or code named as Ice Cream Sandwich, while Apple is recently issued an iOS 5 update for all of it’s products. Today, we decided to make a brief comparison between these two platform just to give you a picture about what if you decided to switch between these two OS. What are the pros and the cons. Is there any special benefit that you won’t get from other OS. Now, let’s start the brief explanation.

iOS vs Android Platform

Application: Android and iOS are displayed their apps in a simple grid view. The grid is filled up with set of icons and each icon represent a special app. Any Android or iOS devices that purchased in US will be automatically connected with Android Market and iTunes store respectively. So, if you decided to switch between these two OS, you have to download numbers of new applications. But it is not necessary to do such thing if you intend to switch between similar OS, like Samsung Galaxy SII to Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Multi tasking: Either Android and iOS are packed with decent multitasking ability, you can easily switch between apps and interfaces. iPhone users is only have to double tap the home button to launch a row of application. Each of those app can be opened or closed if you hold on it. On the other side, Android 4.0 also has similar feature in “Recent App” function. This option can be activated by pressing the rectangular shape that located in the top right corner of the home screen.

Pull Down Menu: Android and iOS packed with pulled down menu that can be accessed by sliding down your finger from top of the screen. These menu contain some notification that related to the installed apps. If you’re currently use iOS, this menu is also provide you with widget-like selection.

Home screen: Android 4.0 is packed with two layers of applications containment. On the other side, iOS only has one. Android offered lot of home screen presets, each of them can be added with interesting widgets, including stock ticker, live wallpaper, or else. Apple’s iOS also offer similar functionality.

Taking Photo and Video: Either Android and iOS are currently offer wide range of view. Each of them are packed with some additional options and presets. iOS 5 has unique feature like flash adjust, tap to focus, and single button flip between front and rear camera.

Sharing Photos and Video: Take a picture from your iPhone and you’ll be able to email it, tweet it, use it as wallpaper, assign it to contact, or print it. All of these functions are only accessible via image gallery. Android OS offer similar function, with the addition of fully integration with any android apps that support for photo sharing feature.

Settings: Both Android and iOS offer essential settings menu that allow you to determine how you’d like to use some essential options like WiFi or GPS. In Android 4.0, you’ll get some developers option that is not available in the previous version of the OS. Meanwhile, iOS allow you to set different GPS profile for each app.

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