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Huawei Mercury Full Review

Saturday, January 28th 2012. | Review

Huawei Mercury is currently worked under Cricket’s network. It is carry on a 1.4GHz processors, 4 inch screen size, and 8.0 MP rear shutter that capable to record HD quality video. This handset is the most capable android smartphone that available at Cricket’s inventory. That’s why the company currently asked $249.99 for each unit. But if you’re interested to buy it online, there’s some retailers that offered this handset for $179.99 after $50 mail rebate and $20 Web discount.

Huawei Mercury carry on the same design formula like most of android handsets available around these days. It is covered in black and receive some glossy finish on it’s surface. It also features the rounded corners and curved back finish. The handset’s chassis is made entirely from plastic material. It is currently pick up our fingerprints and grease easily, so you might want to clean up your hands before hold on to this device. Overall, the hood looks pretty solid, but due to it’s plastic feels, Huawei Mercury is clearly not signified itself as a premium product.

Huawei Mercury has 4.8 x 2.4 x 0.5 inches dimension and weighs at 4.9 ounces only. It is currently fit in easily into our pockets and feels comfortable enough to our hands and ears. The phone’s 4 inch screen feature FWVGA resolution. It is 480 x 854 if you want to count it. Our first impression suggest that the colors are look bright enough and sharp in some areas. Huawei offer two different home screen presets on this device.

Cricket's Huawei Mercury

Worked under Android 2.3 Gingerbread, this handset receive some UI modifications from Huawei’s engineer. There’s a theme called Magic Light and a three dimensional cube that allow you to choose between five different home screen presets. We figured it out that Huawei Mercury feature pull-down menu that offer quick access to WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and scree rotation. Thankfully, there’s a specific on screen controls that will let you to switch to Gingerbread’s default stocks, just in case if you’re not comfortable with Huawei’s mod.

Although Huawei has committed to provide Android 4.0 update for the Huawei Honor (re-branded version of Huawei Mercury), it won’t reach the handset until Cricket ready to roll it out.

On the top part of the screen, lies a web camera and a small LED light that currently act as the messaging indicator. Right at the bottom part of it, there are four touch navigation buttons that control Android’s main function. USB charging port is currently located on the bottom part of the handset, volume rockers can be found on the left hand side while the power button and 3.5 mm jack are currently placed on the top spot.

Turn the phones and you’ll face the 8.0 MP rear shutter, complete with it’s LED flashlight. Remove the back cover and you’ll manage to access the microSD card slot. In order to do that, you have to unplug the battery unit first. Anyway, Huawei Mercury’s card slot can handle up to 64GB external memory card.

Huawei Mercury packed with some standard features like WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS. You’re also able to acces some Google services like Gmail, search engine, Navigation, and YouTube. There’s also some pre-loaded apps by Cricket. For example, you’ll see the Huawei Music apps, which is basically a standard Android music player with Huawei skin on it. You can take advantage from Cricket’s apps to manage your account and back up some of your important data.

As we already mentioned earlier, Huawei Mercury come out with dual-cameras. The rear shutter is packed with multiple scene and white balance settings. You can also use the flashlight and zoom to enhance your picture quality. Huawei add a nice HDR (High Definition Range) option to Mercury’s camera.

Overall, the photo quality is pretty good when you put on the desktop screen. The camera unit manage to display edges, deliver sharp colors, and produce true to life image quality. But the story is completely different when we try to take an indoor picture. The photos were looked dull and lack of details.

Packed with 1900 mAh battery unit, Huawei Mercury is manage to last up to 6.5 hours during a consecutive phone calls. But if you intend to use it rarely, the handsets will last up to 16 hours on standby time.

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