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Intel : Android 4.0 for Smartphone and Tablet Device are Ready

Saturday, December 3rd 2011. | Android News

Back on Friday, Intel stated that Android 4.0 OS is ready for all of their tablet and smartphone device that has the latest Intel Atom processor named Medfield. This could be a good sign that Intel will release new product that run on different platform next year.

Alec Gefrides, head of the Google Program Service at Intel, said that Android 4.0 source code packed with Medfield is already available for device developers. Intel has started to develop Android 4.0 for Medfield processor, the moment after Google release the source code for public download.

On this development effort, Intel has receive a lot of help from various device maker. Medfield optimized version of Android 4.0 is ready for the product release. But the final decision is on device makers hand, whether they want to implement the OS on smartphone or tablet device.

Intel : Android 4.0 for Smartphone and Tablet Device are Ready

Intel stated that the world’s first intel inside smartphone will hit the market in the second quarter of 2012. This statement was made on September and Intel was also announce their partnership with Google to optimize Android OS on a smartphone or tablet that has Medfield chip. The company even showed an Android 2.3 running on a smartphone with Medfield processor at Intel Developer Forum that took place in San Fransisco on the same month.

Has a mobile OS is very important for Intel. For a long time, the chip maker company hasn’t made any presence in smartphone or tablet market. They are left far behind the ARM, the processor that usually we found on these days smartphone.

Earlier on this week, some volunteer developers also tried to port Android 4.0 on a tablet that has x86 processor from AMD (Advanced Micro Devices). AMD then decided to give some of their support on this project by give some engineering advice and donated devices. On the other side, the developers already tried to contact Intel at the first time but the company didn’t give any response. Gefrides said that Intel must focus on resources that can come out with a product, not experiments.

It’s been two years since Intel actively participated on in Android development. The company has submitted x86 code on Android Open Source Project. They submit more than 200 cores patch to AOSP, which is carried over to Android 4.0.

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