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Google Introduce Android Training Program for Developers

Monday, December 19th 2011. | Android News

Some of you might be interested to develop an android application. But thousands line of code and confusing command line might have ended your dream. Thankfully, its look like that Google is aware of this issue and decided to give us a little help. Last night, the company is officially released their new beta program called Android Training. Basically it is a simplified collection of classes that would be very helpful for developers to understand Android system.

This program is created by Android Developers Relation team. Android Training is supposed to packed with bigger database in the future. But for this initial release, the pack will include designing for multiple screen, improving layout performance, manage audio playback, battery lifetime optimization, etc.  You can see the sample of multiple screen design’s code on the picture below.

Google Introduce Android Training Program

Android Training is a very helpful program. But not too helpful if you don’t have any basic about programming codes. It seems like this program is designed to developers who want to improved their apps. We believe that Google will aim for beginner programmer segment in the future. On the other side, similar feature has been available for iOS for long time. You can check the iOS Development center website, that is officially build by Apple.

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