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Google+ on Android App Vs. Google+ on Iphone Browser

Sunday, July 10th 2011. | Apps

As we all have known, the Google+ social networking had been launched a while ago. Yet, the Android app optimized for the Google+ has been available. This is such an advantage for Android user. Of course it is because Android is Google mobile platform. So, it really makes sense if Google prioritizes Android first than any other operations systems. On the other hand, the Iphone users who want to access the Google+ only have one option, access it from the Iphone browser, the Safari browser. So, we are here to compare the experiences we had when accessing the Google+ from those two ways on those two platforms.

Google+ on Android App Vs. Google+ on Iphone Browser

Well, it seems that the results are quite interesting. What I mean interesting here is because the experiences are not quite different. I thought it would be very different at first, since Android is the Google mobile platform.Yet, in fact, the menus and appearances are quite similar.

So, what would happen to those Android users who use Android app for Google+ to access the Google+? They don’t have to cry, since the fact is that the Android app for Google+ gives them two major advantages that cannot be found when accessing the Google+ with Safari browser. Yes, the two advantages are the ability to shoot and upload photos directly from Android devices and the Huddle capability. It is so sad that the Iphone users cannot upload photos directly from the handsets. Yet, it is still not yet available, since Google has made an app for iOS that will be optimized for the Google+, but it still needs Apple’s approval.

As for Huddle, Huddle is a group messaging tool for coordinating with others in a group through messages that are sent to the members of the group. Without it, the Iphone users will have to use traditional ways such as emails, text messages, or even phone calls. It will really waste time of Iphone users.

So, Android is still Google’s priority right? However, we are still waiting to see the iOS version of the app for Google+ to come after it is approved by Apple.

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